Friday, August 5, 2011

Manga review- Mirai Nikki

WARNING: Mirai Nikki is a HORROR/TRAGIC manga, and it’s not for everyone.

I will be constantly referring to Elfen Lied in this review

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Mirai Nikki (or known as Future Diary in the west) is a manga by Sakae Esuno. It mixes horror, psychological and action into one series. It follows an everyday student Amano Yukiteru, where he sees his own life as a bystander, which is reflected in his diary written on his mobile phone. Due to his way of life, he lack social skills. One day, while hanging out with his “imaginary” friend Deus, he is given a phone with the ability to show the future. With 11 others with the same power, he will need to learn who to trust and survive till the end.

The smile of another competitor- Is it real or fake?


The storyline of Mirai Nikki is relatively fast paced and no filler episodes. Some may say that the story goes too fast as characters die as soon as they appear, however, I find it quite a nice pace to read at, with slow-downs in some parts of the story to emphasize the emotions. Jumping back and forth to different places to create tension. It definitely wants you to keep reading, and to be honest, it succeeded.

Although the storyline did not stir up any emotional responses like it did in Elfen Lied, it is still quite powerful.


I personally find the artwork quite pleasing, it’s relatively light on the lines and shading in normal scenes, and dark when necessary. The artwork gives the manga that extra eerie when necessary.

Unlike Elfen Lied, the artwork is very continuous and the quality never drops.


I did enjoy this series, even though it was relatively short. The final moments of the manga was expected since half way, but the way the manga ends is quite refreshing, but definitely doesn’t fit the style of dark and gloomy as seen in the rest of the manga.

If you are into manga in the same genre, I would recommend Bitter Virgin and Deadman Wonderland, since both of them share common themes.

The series is due to have an anime adaptation. I hope the animators don’t screw up the storyline like in many other manga adaptations.